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  • 2018 Arneis Photo
    2018 Arneis

    While our barrel-fermented style is a departure from classic Roero-grown, Italian made Arneis, there are plenty of varietal hallmarks grown into this fruit. Amateurs and ardent admirers of Arneis alike will note aromas and flavors of nutmeg, honeycomb, ripe pear, toasted almonds, and nutmeg. The creamy soft texture can be attributed to our sur lie style barrel aging.

  • 2016 Barbera Photo
    2016 Barbera
  • 2017 Bricco Red Photo
    2017 Bricco Red
  • 2015 Cabernet Franc Photo
    2015 Cabernet Franc

    Blueberry, cool mint, and verbena spiritedly play with one another on the nose and the palate. The rich, deep fruit  entry and herbaceous mid-palate are complemented by barrel spice and caramel with a smooth and supple finish.

  • 2014 Cinsault Photo
    2014 Cinsault

    Aromas of wild fruits such as cherry and fresh strawberry are backed by hints of nutmeg and violet. Fresh, bright, and tart, Cinsault’s refreshing acidity lingers on the palate and lends itself to (lightly chilled) to summer sunsets on the back porch.

  • 2012 Joie de Vivre - Featured Library Wine Photo
    2012 Joie de Vivre - Featured Library Wine
  • 2016 Joie de Vivre Photo
    2016 Joie de Vivre
  • 2014 Malbec - Featured Library Wine Photo
    2014 Malbec - Featured Library Wine
  • 2017 Montagna Rossa Photo
    2017 Montagna Rossa
  • 2015 Nebbiolo Photo
    2015 Nebbiolo
  • 2016 Pinot Noir Freedom Hill Vyd. Photo
    2016 Pinot Noir Freedom Hill Vyd.

    Brilliant aromas of raspberry, black tea and rose petals/perfume are accompanied by the classic earthy nuances often expressed by Pinot noir. Forward flavors of ripe cherry, vanilla bean, and English Breakfast tea show the depth and development that typify the 2016 vintage. The round creamy texture with its full mid-palate and juicy, long finish make this wine easy to drink, with or without food.

  • 2017 Primitivo Photo
    2017 Primitivo
  • 2018 Rosato Photo
    2018 Rosato
  • 2014 Petit Verdot Photo
    2014 Petit Verdot
    Deeply colored with a dense purple hue, this 2014 Petit Verdot shows a surprising similarity to the cooler 2013  vintage. Aromas of huckleberry and red roses are backed by spicy cola and warm barrel nuance. Classic varietal characteristics of juicy acids and firm structure support rich, ripe fruit.
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  • 2015 Syrah Photo
    2015 Syrah

    Deeply scented aromas of wild mountain huckleberries and chocolate are framed with meaty nuances and hints of eucalyptus. Gushing flavors of blueberry, boysenberry, and huckleberry dominate with hints of char and sweet spice, while the silky soft entry and bright mid-palate balloon to a weighty full finish.

  • 2016 Syrah Slide Mountain Vyd. Photo
    2016 Syrah Slide Mountain Vyd.
  • 2016 Two Rivers Photo
    2016 Two Rivers
  • 2019 Vaso Bianco Photo
    2019 Vaso Bianco

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